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Gadsby Class News

Gadsby Class News

                                                                                                     UPDATED 10-18-18



This is what we will be learning in...


Reading: Reading nonfiction and explaining what we can learn from Graphic Features such as photographs with captions, maps, diagrams with labels, and glossaries.

Reading Phonics: recognizing and reading two syllable words and contractions using am, is, will, and not.


Social Studies: Learning the 3 main purposes of our government... establishing order, providing security, and managing conflict.

MAP SKILLS: Locating League City on a map of Texas; Locating Texas on a map of the US; Locating the U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, The Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean on a map of North America and the world; locating 7 continents and 5 oceans. (Did you know there is a 5th ocean? It surrounds Antarctica and is called the Southern Ocean. :)


Science: Science Fair Exerimental design; Force, Motion and Energy


Does your child ask lots of questions?  Does he/she have a natural sense of curiosity?  Does your child love science?


Then your child may be interested in participating in the Science Fair.  It all starts with just a question.  The due date for Ferguson students is November 13th.  Please see the following link for all you need to know!  2nd grade projects are not judged.



*Remind your student to wear tennis shoes on our PE days.

             (Yellow group-days 1,2 ,4  Orange group-days 1,3,5)

*Remember to wear Ferguson spirit shirts on Fridays for the SPIRIT COMPETITION


Block Schedule: Check the school website calendar for weekly BLOCK schedule.

 YELLOW group.

Day 1 - PE

Day 2 -  PE

Day 3 - Music

Day 4 - PE 

Day 5 - Art


ORANGE group.

Day 1 - PE

Day 2 -  Art

Day 3 - PE

Day 4 - Music

Day 5 - PE





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